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Configure FVM and IDEs for better support for different development environments.


FVM will create a relative symlink in your project from .fvm/flutter_sdk to the cache of the selected version. Add it to your .gitignore



Cache Directory#

You can configure the fvm cache directory by setting FVM_HOME environment variable. If nothing is set the default fvm path will be used. You are also able to change the directory by setting the --cache-path on the config. See below


There are some configurations which you can change on FVM. All settings set on CLI are compatible with the Sidekick(GUI).

Different Flutter Repo#

You can use a different Flutter repo, a fork or as a local cache, by setting the FVM_GIT_CACHE environment variable.

List config#

> fvm config

Set cache path#

Location where Flutter SDK versions will be stored. If nothing is set, the default will be used.

> fvm config --cache-path <CACHE_PATH>



You might have to restart your IDE and the Flutter debugger to make sure it uses the latest version of the configurations in some situations.

VS Code#

Option 1 - Automatic Switching (Recommended)#

You can add the version symlink for a dynamic switch. VS Code will always use the version selected within the project for all IDE tooling. Also, remove the flutter SDK from search to make things easier.

"dart.flutterSdkPath": ".fvm/flutter_sdk",
// Remove .fvm files from search
"search.exclude": {
"**/.fvm": true

Option 2 - View all SDKs (Manual switching)#

VSCode has the ability for you to switch between all cached Flutter SDKs using Flutter: Change SDK.


Use command fvm list to show you the cache path to the versions.

List all versions installed by FVM#

You can see all the versions installed by FVM in VS Code by just providing path to versions directory:

"dart.flutterSdkPaths": ["/Users/usr/fvm/versions"]

Alternatively, you can specify only selected versions. The following snippet will cause VS Code to show only stable and dev versions of Flutter.

"dart.flutterSdkPaths": [

To change current Flutter version open a project and select Flutter: Change SDK in the command palette. You should see all the versions as depicted in the following screenshot.

Android Studio#

  1. Go to Languages & Frameworks -> Flutter or search for Flutter and change Flutter SDK path.
  2. Copy the absolute path of fvm symbolic link in your root project directory. Example: /absolute-path/.fvm/flutter_sdk
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Restart Android Studio to see the new settings applied.

You now can Run and Debug with the selected versions of Flutter.