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There are a few tools that make it easier to implement or use FVM in your workflow. Below is a non-exhaustive list. If there is a tool which is not listed feel free to open a pull-request with it.

Desktop Apps​


Sidekick is an app that provides a simple desktop interface to tools that enhance Flutter development experience to make it even more delightful.

Github Actions​


An action that parses an FVM config file into environment variables which can then be used to configure the

Codemagic CI​

Codemagic now has built-in support for using a FVM config file to select the Flutter version used to build a workflow. More details on how to use this feature can be found in the Codemagic documentation for the Workflow Editor and when using a YAML file.

Docker Images​

Official Images​

We have some official Docker images which can be a starting point for customization.


Allows you to build your mobile #flutter applications using fvm (Flutter Version Management) inside a Docker container 🐳