Simple FlutterVersion Management

Easy, powerful and flexible tool tomanage multiple Flutter SDK versions.

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FVM streamlines Flutter version management. It allows per project SDK versions, ensuring consistent app builds and easier testing of new releases, thereby boosting the efficiency of your Flutter project tasks.

Why FVM?

  • Need for simultaneous use of multiple Flutter SDKs.
  • SDK testing requires constant channel (opens in a new tab) switching.
  • Channel switches are slow and need repeated reinstalls.
  • Difficulty managing the latest successful SDK version used in an app.
  • Flutter's major updates demand total app migration.
  • Inconsistencies occur in development environments within teams.


The Flutter community sits at the core of FVM. We're incredibly grateful to our open-source contributors whose dedication and hard work fuel this project.

Their invaluable participation helps us develop and manage Flutter versions more efficiently, making FVM a crucial tool for every Flutter developer. Without them, FVM wouldn't exist.


  • Interact with the SDK only through Flutter tools.
  • Avoid overriding any Flutter CLI commands.
  • Adhere to Flutter's recommended installation procedures for effective caching.
  • Aim to enhance Flutter's behavior, not to alter it.
  • Prioritize a simple and intuitive API.

Video Guides & Walkthroughs

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