Getting Started


FVM helps with the need for consistent app builds by referencing the Flutter SDK version used on a per-project basis. It also allows you to have multiple Flutter versions installed to quickly validate and test upcoming Flutter releases with your apps without waiting for Flutter installation every time.


  • We need to have more than one Flutter SDK at a time.
  • Testing new SDK features requires switching between Channels (opens in a new tab).
  • The switch between channels is slow and requires reinstalling every time.
  • No way of keeping track of the latest working/used version of the SDK in an app.
  • Major Flutter updates require migration of all Flutter apps on the machine.
  • Inconsistent development environments between other devs in the team.

Video Guides & Walkthroughs

You can view a playlist of many YouTube guides & walkthroughs done by the incredible Flutter community in many different languages.


We follow these principles when building and adding new features to FVM.

  • Always use Flutter tools when interacting with the SDK.
  • Do not override any Flutter CLI commands.
  • Follow Flutter suggested installation instructions to accomplish caching.
  • Should extend Flutter behavior and not modify them.
  • API should be simple and easy to understand.


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