Getting Started


Configure FVM and IDEs for better support for different development environments.


There are two main parts for a project that has FVM configured: the .fvmrc config file and the .fvm directory.

Config File .fvmrc

This contains the version linked to the project. This file is automatically created when you run fvm use {version}. Here you can also find project-specific settings and flavors.

  "flutter": "3.19.1",
  "flavors": {
    "development": "beta",
    "production": "3.19.1"
  "updateVscodeSettings": true,
  "updateGitIgnore": true,
  "runPubGetOnSdkChanges": true
  • flutter: The version of the Flutter SDK to be used, falling back to the flutter value if not explicitly set.
  • cachePath: Defines the path to the project's cache directory.
  • useGitCache: (default: true) Indicates whether the Git cache is used for dependencies.
  • gitCachePath: Sets the path to the Git cache directory, applicable if useGitCache is true.
  • flutterUrl: Specifies the URL to the Flutter SDK repository.
  • privilegedAccess: (default: true) Determines if configurations requiring elevated permissions are enabled.
  • flavors: A map defining custom project flavors for different configurations.
  • updateVscodeSettings: (default: true) Flags whether to auto-update VS Code settings on configuration changes.
  • updateGitIgnore: (default: true) Indicates whether to auto-update the .gitignore file based on project configurations.
  • runPubGetOnSdkChanges: (default: true) Triggers flutter pub get automatically upon Flutter SDK version changes.

.fvm Directory

Inside the directory, you will find the following files and directories:

      • stable
      • beta
      • 3.19.1
    • release
    • version
    • flutter_sdk - Symlink to the Flutter SDK version linked to the project.
    • versions - Directory containing the Flutter SDK versions. This is similar to flutter_sdk but is used for better VS Code compatibility.
    • fvm_config.json - (deprecated) This is a legacy configuration file.
    • release - (internal use only) File containing the release version of FVM.
    • version - (internal use only) File containing the version of FVM.

    Starting with version 3.0 and above, it is recommended to add the .fvm directory to your .gitignore file. FVM will automatically add it to .gitignore when pinning a version to a project if updateGitIgnore is set to true.

    Environment Variables

    Set environment variables at the system level to apply configurations globally. These are typically used for settings that remain constant across multiple projects or runtime environments.

    Supported Environment Variables:

    • FVM_CACHE_PATH: Specifies the cache path for Flutter versions.
    • FVM_USE_GIT_CACHE: Enables/disables the git cache globally (true/false).
    • FVM_GIT_CACHE_PATH: Sets the path for the local git reference cache.
    • FVM_FLUTTER_URL: Defines the Flutter repository git URL.
    • FVM_PRIVILEGED_ACCESS: Enables/disables privileged access for FVM (true/false).