Getting Started


Configure FVM and IDEs for better support for different development environments.


FVM will create a relative symlink in your project from .fvm/flutter_sdk to the cache of the selected version. Add it to your .gitignore



Cache Directory

You can configure the fvm cache directory by setting FVM_HOME environment variable. If nothing is set the default fvm path will be used. You are also able to change the directory by setting the --cache-path on the config. See below


There are some configurations which you can change on FVM. All settings set on CLI are compatible with the Sidekick(GUI).

Different Flutter Repo

You can use a different Flutter repo, a fork or as a local cache, by setting the FVM_GIT_CACHE environment variable.

List config

> fvm config

Set cache path

Location where Flutter SDK versions will be stored. If nothing is set, the default will be used.

> fvm config --cache-path <CACHE_PATH>



You might have to restart your IDE and the Flutter debugger to make sure it uses the latest version of the configurations in some situations.

Android Studio

  1. Go to Languages & Frameworks > Flutter or search for Flutter and change Flutter SDK path.
  2. Copy the absolute path of fvm symbolic link in your root project directory. Example: /absolute-project-path/.fvm/flutter_sdk
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Restart Android Studio to see the new settings applied.

For Android Studio to detect the dynamic change of SDKs, the installed SDK must have finished setup.

Using fvm install <VERSION> will ensure that setup during install.

If you have installed through another command and setup was not completed. You can finish by just running fvm flutter --version

Android Studio might take a few seconds to detect the dynamic SDK change.

If you want to ignore the Flutter SDK root directory within Android Studio you can add the following to .idea/workspace.xml.

<component name="VcsManagerConfiguration">
    <path value="$PROJECT_DIR$/.fvm/flutter_sdk" />

If that doesn't work, go to Android Studio -> Preferences -> Editor -> File Types -> Ignored Files and Folders and add flutter_sdk: